About Us

About Women's March Global

Women’s March Global is an inclusive, diverse, flexible, transparent Global Community and Platform that mentors, empowers, and takes action.

We are both a Community and a Platform that inspires and facilitates grassroots actions and organising campaigns by providing local coalitions with coordination, resources, training, toolkits, and communications channels. Our Platform and Community supports each other, listens, respects, and celebrates our diversity, ideas, and passions.

Women’s March Global was created to bring together a passionate, diverse global community of women and allies who seek to create a future of equality, justice, and compassion for all; who represent in spirit these principles and will work in a local, authentic way to implement them.

Our Platform is intersectional, diverse, and flexible, bringing us together, mentoring us, and representing who we are and what we want, while allowing us to take action as local, national, and global Chapters.

Women’s March Global is building a Community that positively impacts billions of lives. We fervently believe that developing a worldwide network of local actions and innovative ecosystems will help solve the world’s most pressing problems, and it is Women's March Global’s goal to use these networks to achieve maximum impact.

Why Women’s March Global?

Some of us have been lucky enough to 'bump into' mentors along the way. Women’s March Global will remove the chance and serendipity of forging meaningful mentorship relationships by using a platform that makes it simple for women to connect with each other, mentor or receive mentorship, and take meaningful action. Women will have the opportunity to either start a Women's March Chapter, join a local Chapter, mentor or be mentored, learn, and take action.