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2020 mid-year report

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Letter from the Interim Committee

Dear Community,

What a year. Rapid change and deep introspection about the world have been themes in our day-to-day lived realities and for Women’s March Global. In January (can we even remember it?), you all came together for marches, speak-ins, and gatherings for The March For Our Human Rights. With over 50 events across 6 continents you showed everyone that we will not back down, and that now, more than ever, women’s human rights matter.

Little did we know how our collective rights would be challenged in the coming months. As January rolled into February and then March, COVID-19 ravaged the globe - the pandemic laid bare the systemic inequalities our societies are founded on, the ones we here at Women’s March Global try to fight against every day.

In its wake we’ve seen a rise in domestic violence and violence against women and girls. We’ve seen women leave the workforce in droves, forced to choose between their children’s safety at home and their ability to hold a job. And we’ve seen the economic destruction of the most vulnerable, women and women of colour who’ve either lost their jobs or are forced to choose between poverty and risk of death.

Then in May the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Milwaukee, Minnesota police in the U.S.A. sparked weeks of global protests around police brutality and the racial systemic inequities in the United States and beyond. The conversations about racial discrimination broadened into far-reaching reckoning touching every level and facet of society. It is why Women’s March Global joined over 600 global organisations and the families of victims of police brutality in the United States to call on the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate the escalating situation of police violence and repression of protests in the United States. The discussions are ongoing and the issues hardly solved. Just this past week (on the 23rd August), Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times at point-blank range by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We must keep pushing, not just for reform but for a complete reimagining of our society. One where Black Lives Matter.

As we go into the final months of this unprecedented year, the Women’s March Global team is working to recommit to our beloved Community. We will continue to stand together and to speak out about the injustices we see every day. We hope you will join us.

In Solidarity and Community,

The Women’s March Global Interim Committee

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