Our Team

The Women’s March Global Team is a global all volunteer team dedicated to supporting the mobilisation of impactful actions to defend women’s human rights globally.

Uma Mishra-Newbery, Program Director


Uma Mishra-Newbery is a global social justice and women’s rights leader and the former Executive Director of Women’s March Global. Her transparent, visionary yet grounded leadership was instrumental in furthering the mobilisation and assembly of women globally around women’s rights issues with Women’s March Global. Uma has organized and built coalitions around the issues of women’s human rights defenders, freedom of association and assembly, bodily autonomy, LGBTQIA+ rights, and white supremacy in the women’s rights and funding space. As a leader in the global women’s rights movement Uma has been interviewed by CNN, Al Jazeera, Jane Dutton, Newsweek, Devex and published by Ms. Magazine, TIME, and IPS. She has been profiled by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in their I Stand With Her Campaign and is a noted speaker at global conferences.

Uma currently serves on the board of directors of Minority Veterans of America and the Board of Directors of Women’s March Global.

Michelle Emson, Digital Director


Michelle is responsible for all aspects of Women’s March Global’s digital footprint, information technology platforms, infrastructure, and web application development. A devout and creative technologist, Michelle has held senior positions in multinational technology companies working on complex projects, across multiple time-zones, and with international teams.

Michelle is a published author, keynote speaker, documentary filmmaker, and committed international human rights activist. She currently sits on the Leadership Team for the Dignity Network, a coalition of Canadian civil society organizations that work with international partners in support of the human rights of LGBTQI people globally; Executive Director of KyivPride Canada, a Ukrainian-Canadian coalition on LGBTQI rights; and gender diversity lead for Fierté Canada Pride.

In 2017, Michelle received a YWCA Muskoka Women of Distinction Award for her work in her local community in arts, culture, LGBTQI+ and women’s rights. Michelle is the Ambassador for the Women’s March Muskoka Chapter.

“When we come to truly accept and love our own uniqueness then, just maybe, we can come to respect the uniqueness of others.”

Michelle is on the Board of Directors for Women’s March Global Inc.

Jackson Hyland-Lipski, Visual Director


Jackson Hyland-Lipski is the Visual Director for Women's March Global, and is an activist and filmmaker from New York. He founded Activism Media in 2020 to develop visual content and strategies for movements, organizations, and political campaigns such as Charles Booker for Senate, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh for Congress, Julie Oliver for Congress, Indivisible, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, The Gathering for Justice, Immigrant Justice Now, and Indigenous People’s Movement.

From 2016-2018 Jackson was part of the National Organising Team for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, and Digital Media Director for Youth Empower. In 2014, Jackson worked at Radical Media as Archival Assistant for Emmy winning and Academy Award-nominated 'What Happened, Miss Simone?', a Netflix original documentary about Nina Simone that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. Jackson concurrently worked for the film's Producer Amy Hobby as Head of Development for Ms. Hobby's and Anne Hubbell's production company, Tangerine Entertainment, which produces films and other projects helmed by women.

Jackson Hyland-Lipski is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he received a BA in Film and Philosophy with a minor in Writing.

Jackson is on the Board of Directors of Women's March Global Inc.

Melissa Durrell, Director of Media and PR


Melissa Durrell is the Director of Media and PR for Women’s March Global. She's known for her distinctive storytelling techniques, which she honed at her former career as an award-winning Canadian broadcast journalist. She now uses her unique skill set to amplify change makers as president of Durrell Communications.

Melissa’s passion for communications has also led her to a career in politics. She is serving a second term as an elected official on Waterloo, Ontario City Council and is known for her aggressive leadership style and a “make it happen” attitude. She is active on several portfolios, including urban issues, community building, and green sustainable solutions.

Advocating for more women’s voices in politics and business has become Melissa’s side hustle, organizing and speaking at various conferences.

Melissa is the founder of the Z Film Festival, a non-profit film festival that showcases female filmmakers from across the globe.

Melissa is on the Board of Directors for Women’s March Global Inc.

Maya Hendler, Programmes and Communications Associate


Prior to joining Women’s March Global, Maya graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia where she received a BA in Fine Arts and Indigenous Studies, with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her final thesis addressed the reasons artists resist categorisation as Aboriginal while working to mobilise new representations of Indigeneity; looking at the relationship between Indigenous realities and curated histories in the context of expectations of art that is labeled Aboriginal. While at university Maya worked as a mentor for the Nura Gili Indigenous Tuition Program.

Maya is an artist, working primarily in sculpture, installation and film and is passionate about the role art plays in social action and activism, awareness raising and community building. Maya has worked as an aid to art therapists working with children and families in an Aboriginal community near Sydney, Australia. She has volunteered with the Lalela Project in South Africa, an organisation that provides educational arts for at-risk youth.

Maya has also volunteered at schools in Borneo and Zambia, and most recently accompanied Australian primary school students as a mentor to volunteer at a Montessori orphanage and primary school in Udon Thani, Thailand.

Betsy Scolnik, 501c3 Board Chair


Betsy Scolnik has had the opportunity to work for the world’s leading commercial and philanthropic organizations. She is a communications and content strategist that focuses on measurable change and impact.

Prior to launching her own business, Betsy was the Director of Content and Distribution for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There she was in charge of the foundation’s content and distribution strategies and production efforts, as well as the foundation’s digital presence. Scolnik developed the foundation’s innovative approach to audience targeting and measurement of its cross-platform media efforts. She helped raise awareness of the foundation’s mission and the issues it focuses on.

Prior to the foundation, Scolnik was the President of Digital Media for National Geographic. There she oversaw National Geographic’s digital operations, NationalGeographic.com. She also managed the National Geographic digital film archive and short-form video programming, production, and distribution. Additionally, she led National Geographic’s initiatives in the wireless, gaming, broadband, and education markets.

Scolnik also held a wide range of multi-platform content development, operational, communications and strategy roles, including senior roles at AOL Time Warner and Xerox. At AOL she led their digital entertainment programming and promotion outside of the US and was the lead producer of the Live 8 global concert.

Scolnik was the co-producer of TEDWomen from its beginning in 2010 through 2016.

Betsy’s expertise and experience in the connection of audience targeting, distribution, and measurement has given her the breadth of knowledge and passion required to have impact in a multi-platform world.

Betsy earned her degree in International Relations from the University of California, Berkeley and attended New York University’s graduate school. Betsy is also fluent in Spanish and conversant in Portuguese, French, and Italian.

Betsy is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Women’s March Global Inc.