“For my daughter!”

Allison Travis

Social justice activist

Location Icon Chicago, IL, USA

About Me

I’m 33 year old, born and raised in the heart of Chicago, I’m a single mom with an 8 year old daughter. We are low income and know all too well the struggles of affordable health care, accessible housing assistance, structural racism in our city etc. I became involved in social justice groups when I was in college, volunteered for President Obama’s first campaign for Presidency, but have done nothing since becoming a mom. Now I want to get back into it and show my daughter all about being a part of organized public rally’s, protests and women’s rights groups. WE NEED A MARCH IN CHICAHO THIS YEAR!!

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Indigenous Peoples
Marginalized People
People of Color
Youth and Minors

I Want to Take Action on

Civil Rights
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Free and Fair Elections
Girls’ Rights
Immigrant Rights
Indigenous Rights
Reproductive Rights
Voting Rights
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation

Areas of Expertise

Social Media