“Because I didn't know, until recently; that being groped, silenced, subjugated, minimised and sexualised was wrong. And now I do”

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Melissa Goffin

Woman supporting Women

Location Icon Melbourne VIC, Australia

About Me

I came to feminism slowly - always advocating for equality but never understand how my perceptions of gender permeated all aspects of my world and my view. When Trump was elected I needed an outlet for my seemingly vast and endless anger and frustration and impotence and I joined up with another local woman with the view of creating a march in our city. We teamed up with a woman who had already begun organising and we 3 were the main organiser of the inaugural Womens March Melbourne in 2017. From there, I stayed connected and with other women, organised the 2nd march and related activities during that year.

I continue to be immersed in my personal world, having opened a restaurant at the same time as the 2017 march and raising two small children. I remain connected to the Womens March and also connect to womens advocacy through my business through promoting womens issues and opportunities for women. These offer me an outlet for my deep desire to improve conditions for women in my community, in global and personal perceptions of gender and political, societal and economic structures that devalue our contributions.

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With


I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Civil Rights
Combating Rape
Economic Justice
Ending Violence
Fair Wages
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Gun Laws
Mental Health
Reproductive Rights
Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation
Women’s Safety

Areas of Expertise

Chapter Leadership
Copy Writing
Domestic Abuse
March Organizing
Social Media
Teaching, Writing
Women in Business
Women on Boards