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Mylan Hawkins

Rebel with Many Causes

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About Me

Born in Chicago, IL I am a graduate of the University Of Chicago and the Chicago Academy of Fine Art. I have lived in Pittsburg, PA., Miami FL, Philly and NYC before moving west to Reno, NV in 1976.

I cut my political teeth on Chicago Ward Boss politics, and have been involved in political and non-profit activity everywhere I lived. Founded and started Project Survival an organization in Florida that helped build a modern neo-natal center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and was active in lobbing for women and children's heath care as well worked actively on many political campaigns. In addition I was the Director of Medical Programs for the United Way of Dade County. In Philly I worked with former Surgeon General C. Evert Koop to raise funds for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and in New York was active in raising funds for Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. .

My activities in Reno include working on a non-binding referendum on the Equal Rights Amendment as the Northern Campaign coordinator. We lost but finally got it passed 40 years later this last legislative session. Yes we do persist. Founding and become the Executive Director of the Nevada and California Diabetes Association, I retired from that 4 years ago. A founder and the Northern Nevada Director of Nevada's Campaign for Choice Vote yes on 7, the referendum that reaffirmed our State statute that protects a women's right to choice. I also consulted on and managed over 15 political campaigns both for candidates and ballot questions.

Almost immediately after the 2016 election along with 3 other friends started organizing the Reno's Women's March on Washington. 10k+ of my best friends showed up and we did it all over again in 2018.

I am married to a wonderful man, I have 2 grown sons and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I'm a political junky, I love to travel, love to cook, surf the net, work social media, and drink good wine.

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Environmental Activists
Healthcare Workers
Indigenous Peoples
Labor Unions
Marginalized People
People in Science
People of Color
Persons with Disabilities
Tribal communities
Youth and Minors

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Access to Sanitation
Access to Water
Children’s Rights
Civil Rights
Clean Air
Clean Water
Climate Change
Combating Corruption
Combating Rape as a Weapon of War
Data Privacy
Economic Justice
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Ending Violence
Fair Wages
Forests and Deforestation
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Gun Laws
Immigrant Rights
Indigenous Rights
Mental Health
Renewable Energy
Reproductive Rights
Rights for Persons with Disabilities
Transgender Rights
Women's Health
Women’s Safety

Areas of Expertise

Civil Rights
Community Building
Disability Rights
March Organizing
Social Media