“I march for all humanity to have their basic needs met and their Civil Rights guaranteed, regardless of their skin color.”

Lucy Lawless

Just an bad ass OG who's been marching for causes for over 50 years. Can't stop, won't stop!

Location Icon Hauula, HI 96717, USA

About Me

I've got to go make me some coffee before I can even begin to run my life.

In 2017 I marched the 1st Women's March in Honolulu, I've marched every march since at various locations throughout California. Well, I've moved to Oahu now and after 3+ months in isolation and rediscovering just who I am at the age of 65. I'm still as determined as that 13 yr old in 1968 and once again want to put myself into fighting for the Human Right of all people living in this country.

That's just a little introduction for now. I'll add more to it later.


Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Environmental Activists
Healthcare Workers
Incarcerated People
Indigenous Peoples
Labor Unions
Marginalized People
People of Color
Persons with Disabilities
Sex Workers
Tribal communities
Youth and Minors

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Access to Sanitation
Access to Water
Accountable Institutions
Children’s Rights
Child Soldiers
Civil Rights
Clean Air
Clean Water
Climate Change
Combating Corruption
Combating Desertification
Combating Rape as a Weapon of War
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Ending Violence
Fair Wages
Free and Fair Elections
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Association
Free Press
Free Speech
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Immigrant Rights
Indigenous Rights
Land Rights
Menstruation Rights / Accessibility
Mental Health
Peace and Non violence
Protecting Evidence-Based Science
Renewable Energy
Reproductive Rights
Resilient Infrastructure
Rights for Persons with Disabilities
Self Determination
Sex trafficking
Sustainable Infrastructure
Transgender Rights
Voting Rights
Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation
Women’s Safety
Workers’ Rights

Areas of Expertise

Self Determination