“Because I care about making changes in my country, because we must march to demand equity regardless of who is in office!”

Sofia Sepulveda

Healthcare Justice Community Organizer, Trans Latina

Location Icon San Antonio TX

About Me

I am a Community Organizer.

I began my political experience during the Al Gore election in the early 90's. I began working on climate justice and environmental equity about 6 years ago, when we realize that not only we had high toxic levels in the air of the south-side, but in the water and the rivers that a lot of low income families, particularly black and latino families, used to go and enjoy.

I started working in healthcare as the ACA was about to be implemented when I got a multi-drug resistance staff infection, in which hospitals denied me care as long as they took care of my fever, after realizing that there was some local assistance and getting the medical care i needed, the doctor said that I could have died if I didnt seek help within the next days, over an illness that was easily treated had I been seen earlier when I just had the symptoms.

Since then my fight for funding local healthcare, expanding Medicaid in Texas and my fight for single payer-medicare for all has been relentless.

I have helped organized and lead the marches for WMIW the last 3 years and have lead and organized the march for single payer 4 years ago, I also am actively engage in the International Women's Day march as co-organizer the past 3 years.

As someone that already has cemented myself in the community of San Antonio for the last 6 years, being recognized as San Antonio Progressive Wonder Woman, I am delighted and hopeful that I can continue my leadership and engagement with the WMIW group

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Environmental Activists
Healthcare Workers
Incarcerated People
Indigenous Peoples
Marginalized People
People of Color

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Access to Water
Accountable Institutions
Civil Rights
Clean Water
Climate Change
Economic Justice
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Fair Wages
Mental Health
Women's Health

Areas of Expertise

Civil Rights
Climate Change
Health Care
Women's Health