“I have always marched for Human Rights, for me, my kids, and now grandkids. I testified against the Ohio abortion ban.”

JUlia Cattaneo

Human Rights Activist

Location Icon Columbus, OH, USA

About Me

I have been a human rights activist before I was old enough to understand that was what I was doing. My first memory was first grade in a Catholic school. A new girl came to class, her mother had died and her dad had enrolled her. She was sad and shy, and the nun was not nice to her. I befriended her and was told by the nun it was not a good idea because she was a jew and unless changed would go to hell. I told the nun that God loved all. Needless to say, that girl and I were dear friends in a very difficult situation. Many times we were up in the front of the classroom on our knees with our books coping prays. I moved from Ohio to NJ, then PA, and now back to OHIO.

As an adult, I was an elected township auditor, worked in community outreach, helped organize citizens groups, and been to many protests locally in PA, NYC, DC, and Columbus Ohio. I have always been involved in one way or the other with Planned Parenthood and woman's rights throughout the years. In 2016 I helped local organizations work together to get busses to the first Woman's March in DC.

When I moved back to Ohio, was happy to be moving to Columbus. My family and grandkids are here and it is the Capital. Shortly after moving here the 6-week abortion ban was moving through the statehouse. I contacted PP and testifies from personal and professional (As a social worker) experience, from there I sat on a round table with Sen. Brown. I helped organize other volunteers to speak with Sen. Portman and Rep. Balderson. I have met with State Sen. Kunze and am friends with Rep. Beth Liston.

I am frustrated that we seem to be going backward but know there are many with me moving forward.

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Environmental Activists
People in Science
People of Color
Persons with Disabilities
Sex Workers
Youth and Minors

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Accountable Institutions
Children’s Rights
Civil Rights
Climate Change
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Ending Violence
Fair Wages
Female Genital Mutilation
Forests and Deforestation
Free and Fair Elections
Freedom of Assembly
Free Press
Free Speech
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Gun Laws
Mental Health
Peace and Non violence
Protecting Evidence-Based Science
Renewable Energy
Reproductive Rights
Resilient Infrastructure
Rights for Persons with Disabilities
Sex trafficking
State Violence
Sustainable Infrastructure
Transgender Rights
Voting Rights
Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation
Women’s Safety
Workers’ Rights

Areas of Expertise

Abuse Prevention
Accountable Institutions
Civil Rights
Community Building
Conflict Resolution
Domestic Abuse
Ending Hunger
Ending Poverty
Ending Violence
Health Care
Non Violence
Reproductive Rights
Volunteer Management
Women's Health
Workers’ Rights