“to get an Equal Rights Amendment in both the US and Maine constitutions.”

Posie Cowan

Co founder of Equal Rights Maine advocating for an Equal Rights Amendment at the state and federal level

Location Icon Blue Hill ME, USA

About Me

I am continuing the work of my great grandmother and the other suffragists who were arrested in 1917 and 1918 for demonstrating in front of the White House to get the vote for women. After the 19th amendment was ratified, my great grandmother worked with Alice Paul to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed. Paul believed women would not be treated equally unless the ERA amendment was passed. Unfortunately she was correct.

Sadly almost a 100 years later women still do not equal rights in the US Constitution or in the Maine Constitution. Up to 80% of Americans don't realize that the ERA never got ratified. Women do not have equal rights protection in either constitution.

I co foundered Equal Rights Maine with the mission of advocating and lobbying for an Equal Rights Amendment in both the US and Maine Constitutions. In addition our group leads programs and panels to explain why Equal Rights Amendment it is so important for Maine women. Our website is

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I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Civil Rights
Ending Violence
Gender Based Violence
Peace and Non violence
Reproductive Rights
Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Safety

Areas of Expertise

Conflict Resolution
Gender Equality