“I am passionate about equality, all humans' rights, justice, the future of our country & the world in which my nieces will live.”

Paula Wise

Champion for Human Rights

Location Icon Long Beach, CA, USA

About Me

In 2008, I temporarily moved to CO to work on the Obama campaign. It was a life changing experience for me. I knew I wanted to change the direction of my life. I started working for an environmental nonprofit, Deconstruction & ReUse Network upon my return. Embracing and promoting changes to the construction and deconstruction process that positively impact the environment, lead me to look at other aspects of my world I wanted to help change for the better if I could.

When "he who must not be named" became President, I started attending the Women's March. There is so much to be done. Fortunately, I believe a lot of men underestimate the power of women who are, as the Obama teams used to say, "Fired up! and Ready to go!"

Republican Politicians are doing their best to take away our rights (women and people of color) and silence us. This cannot happen! We will not be silenced! The percentage of female population in the USA is 50.52%. There are 3.43 million more females than males and yet men, old men, hold the majority of the political offices in our country, making decisions that directly affect our lives. We need more women and people of color in seats of power. I'm too old to run for office, but I'm here to support those who do.

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Environmental Activists
Marginalized People
People of Color

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Civil Rights
Free and Fair Elections

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Development
Women in Business