“Women hold up half the sky. When they are abused, human rights infringed, Roe v. Wade nullified, the sky collapses on everyone.”

Timothy Wheeler

Voices for Health & Healing Acting Chair

Location Icon 164 Honeybee Lane 98382

About Me

I am a retired journalist, 81, living on my family's farm in Clallam County. My beloved wife, Joyce, died March 21, 2019. I have three children, 7 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. I am proud that my family is multi-racial. I serve as Acting Chair of Voices for Health & Healing with 170 fellow activists in our group. We were organized to defend and support the Jamestown S'Klallam tribe's construction and operation of an opioid MAT clinic when white supremacists and Trump Republicans attacked the idea of constructing the MAT clinic in Sequim, whipped up white supremacy against the tribe, fear and hate against the poor, the homeless, and victims of substance abuse. We are opposed to all forms of oppression, racism, white supremacy, male supremacy. We stand for equality, human rights, women's rights, workers' rights. We believe that Black Lives Matter and Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and must remain the law of the land. Our Public Health Officer, Dr. Allison Berry, is under vicious attack for her mandates aimed at protecting us from COVID-19. Dr. Berry is a courageous woman and we defend her from the anti-vaxxers who demand she be fired. We believe in voting rights and oppose all schemes by the Republicans to strip millions of people, especially people of color, of their voting rights. We must win our local city council elections this Nov. 2. We must win the midterm elections in 2022 and the presidential election in 2024. The enemies of women's equality----equality in general----are on the march waving confederate flags. Go Stacey Abrams! We must vote! And win! I applaud Women's March for initiating this Women's March to defend abortion rights. If we lose this struggle, the rights of ALL will be lost and we will be subjected to rightwing QAnon tyranny.

Communities I Identify With and/or Want to Collaborate With

Indigenous Peoples
Labor Unions
People of Color
Tribal communities

I Want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Civil Rights
Economic Justice
Ending Poverty

Areas of Expertise

Civil Rights