While Women's March Global recognizes the intersectionality of the H.E.R.S. Framework, and that all of our campaigns are working towards a world where women’s whole lives are healthy, just, and safe, it is important to understand the driving force behind each of our campaigns.

Current Campaigns

The Women's Wave - Second Anniversary March

In 2017 following the Presidential election, six million people marched around the world in the largest peaceful protest in U.S. history. The #WomensWave - Jan 19-20 2019 - is coming with the intention to sweep up the world along with it - bigger, louder, and more powerful than ever before.

Free Saudi Activists

In Saudi Arabia, women have been campaigning for decades against a government which bans them from driving cars and requires that they seek the permission of a male guardian before traveling or making any major decisions. These laws limit women’s ability to move about their communities or accomplish even basic tasks, and make them extremely vulnerable to gendered abuse.


Believe Women

Too many of us have stories like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s. Too many of us have never felt safe enough to share them. Dr. Blasey Ford has shown incredible courage coming forward about Brett Kavanaugh’s attempt to rape her 36 years ago. She has given us the courage to share our own stories.


Power to the Polls | Women's March U.S.

The 2018 midterms are approaching. This is our chance to take our country back. That is why the Women’s March movement is channeling its energy and activism into voter registration and mobilization in 2018. We’re bringing our Power To The Polls.


Previous Campaigns