Chapter Agreement

Women's March Global Chapter/Ambassador Agreement

Terms and Conditions Governing Your Chapter and Your Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassador Appointment

We appreciate that you are applying for the volunteer role as a Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador (“you” or “Ambassador”) for the Chapter in the Location specified in your application (the “Chapter”). Please read the following Chapter / Ambassador Terms (“Chapter / Ambassador Terms”) carefully as they are intended for the benefit and protection of the Women's March Global Community. You agree to be bound by these Chapter / Ambassador Terms starting on the date that you submitted your Ambassador Application online (the “Effective Date”).

We appreciate your reading the following terms and conditions (“Agreement”) carefully. They are intended for the benefit and protection of the Women's March Global Community. A representative of Women's March Global (“Women’s March Global”) will email you a written notification if Women's March Global confirms your application to become an Ambassador, as well as the details of the geography for which you will provide your services (the “Location”) and the term of your appointment (the “Term”).

If confirmed, your appointment is on an exclusive basis with respect to your Chapter and is limited to the 2 Year Term.

You understand that a geographic area can have more than one Chapter Ambassador, and that Women's March Global will make decisions, with input from the local existing Chapters and community, on an ongoing basis about the creation of additional Chapters.

  1. Ambassador Recognition
    1. During the Term, and for so long as you are in compliance with these Chapter / Ambassador Terms, Women's March Global will refer to You as the Women's March (Location) Chapter Ambassador (the “Title”) in various marketing materials, and you may publicly refer to yourself by the Title at times when you are actively providing the Services (see Section 2). You agree that Women’s March Global will have the right to identify you as Chapter Ambassador for the Location in public materials and in statements to the press.
    2. Please note that your Title has the word "Ambassador” in it, which conveys that this is a goodwill, volunteer role. As such, we expressly request, and you agree not to refer to yourself by titles that omit the word Ambassador. You may not refer to yourself as acting on behalf of Women's March Global or create online identities (e.g. a URL) using those or similar phrases, without using the phrase "Women's March (Location) Chapter". Use of these kinds of phrases without reference to your Chapter can give the incorrect impression that Women's March Global has a branch or representative office in your territory or country. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree not to use these kinds of phrases in any letterhead, business card, email signatures, titles in online profiles, or similar forms of identification. Instead, you agree to use only the Title - which includes the word “Ambassador”.
    3. Upon the expiration or termination of your service as Chapter Ambassador for any reason, you agree to stop referring to yourself by the Title (in any and all media), and you understand that Women's March Global may remove such designation from your profile on the Women’s March Global websites (your “ Profile ”). Women's March Global may choose, however, to give you a new title that may include the term “Senior Ambassador”.
  2. Branding
    1. In your role as Chapter Ambassador, we grant you a license to use the Women's March Global name, logo, trademarks, service marks and materials made available to you by Women's March Global (the “Marks”), solely in the Location in connection with the activities of the Chapter. You agree that your use of the Marks are limited to the Term and you also agree to adhere to the Women’s March Global Branding and Communications Guidelines and the Terms of Use For Parties Representing Women's March and Women's March Global referenced at the bottom of these Chapter / Ambassador Terms. You may sublicense this license to a Chapter Entity (as defined below) if you wish; provided that you will be responsible for the Chapter Entity’s use of the Marks and compliance with these Chapter / Ambassador Terms. You may not undertake any advertising of Chapter activities specifically aimed at any jurisdiction outside the Location. For the avoidance of doubt, your use of the Marks does not include the use of “Women's March Global” or “Women’s March Country” in any manner without using the phrase “Women’s March (Location) Chapter”.
    2. You may wish to form a legal entity associated with the Chapter. However, any such legal entity must operate solely within the Location, or, if it will operate outside the Location, must coordinate with any other Women’s March Global Chapters in the location in which it desires to operate. Any such legal entity (“Chapter Entity”) must adopt its own Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and/or other organizational documents (“Chapter Organizational Documents”). Any Chapter Organizational Documents must not be contrary to or inconsistent with the principles set forth in these Chapter / Ambassador Terms and the Chapter Governance and Best Practices linked to below. You may not use the Marks in the name of the Chapter Entity. The Chapter Organizational Documents must provide that upon the expiration of the Term, the Chapter Ambassador role and leadership of the Chapter Entity will transition to a new Chapter Ambassador selected by the members of the Chapter. Following expiration of the Term, if you do not transition the leadership of the Chapter Entity to the new Chapter Ambassador, the Chapter Entity will not be entitled to undertake activities in connection with Women’s March Global, and will not have the right to use the Marks.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that: (i) Women’s March Global are the sole owners of the Marks; (ii) except for the rights granted to You herein, You are not acquiring any rights in the Marks; (iii) Your use of the Marks and any goodwill derived from such use shall inure to the benefit of Women’s March Global; (iv) You may not dispute, challenge, or assist any party in disputing or challenging the rights of Women’s March Global in and to the Marks or the validity of the Marks; (v) You may not file or assist others to file any trademark or service mark applications for or to otherwise register any names or marks containing, derived from, or confusingly similar to the Marks in any jurisdiction; (vi) you may not alter any of the Marks without the prior express written consent of Women’s March Global, (vii) except for any Chapter Entity which is controlled by You. You may not permit any third party to use the Marks without express written consent of Women’s March Global; (viii) you may not use the Marks in any manner that (A) is disparaging to Women’s March Global, (B) otherwise portrays Women’s March Global in a negative light, (C) explicitly or in any other way endorses or opposes a candidate for political office or (D) in any other way may invalidate or jeopardize any registration of the Marks, and (ix) Women’s March Global shall have the sole right, but not the obligation, to challenge any unauthorized use, infringement or other violation of the Marks; provided that upon request You will reasonably cooperate with Women’s March Global in the prosecution and elimination of any unauthorized use, infringement, or other violation of the Marks.
    4. You agree that Women’s March Global may inspect all materials bearing the Marks, and You agree to provide Women’s March Global copies of any such materials. If Women’s March Global determines that any use of a Mark violates these Chapter / Ambassador Terms or any branding guidelines for the Marks, You agree to take any required corrective measures.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. As a Chapter Ambassador, you are responsible for the activities described in the Chapter and Chapter / Ambassador Terms, although you can delegate these responsibilities to other members of your Chapter.
  4. Prohibition on Political Activity
    1. Women’s March Global is a project of Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) organization that operates within the restrictions of the Internal Revenue Code. By law, none of its staff time or resources may be used for partisan political purposes, which is defined as any statement, activity, or other action supporting or opposing any candidate running for any public office. Accordingly, when performing your duties as a representative of the Chapter or Women’s March Global you may not explicitly or impliedly endorse or oppose a candidate for political office. Although Women’s March Global does not prohibit you from participating in election activities in your individual capacity, your individual activities must not create the impression that Women’s March Global supports those activities. Accordingly, in conducting these activities you may not use any Women’s March Global or Chapter resources or act/represent that you are acting as an employee, volunteer, officer or Board Member of Women’s March Global.
  5. Press
    1. You are the only person who is authorized to speak to the press on behalf of the Chapter, other than authorized representatives of Women’s March Global. You agree to coordinate all press and publicity requests through Women's March Global. You agree that you will only communicate with the press regarding your unique personal experience at Women's March Global, the Chapter, and the Chapter’s activities, and will not undertake to speak on behalf of the broader Women’s March Global Community. As stated in paragraph 4 of this Agreement, you agree that you will not speak to the press as representative of the Chapter on behalf of or to explicitly endorse or reject a candidate for political office. You agree not to issue any press release(s) unless they are approved in advance in writing by Women's March Global. You agree to submit all proposed press releases to Women's March Global for approval no later than seventy-two (72) hours before their proposed issuance. Email any requests to [email protected]. In cases of rapid response actions press releases must be coordinated with the communications officer and media team before released.
  6. No Authority to Bind Women's March Global
    1. You understand that while you are providing your services as Ambassador, you do not legally represent Women's March Global, act as their authorized agent, or otherwise have the authority to enter into any contractual agreement or attempt to bind Women's March Global. You understand and agree that you have no authority to negotiate or sign contracts on behalf of Women's March Global, and that you must refer all such negotiations and contracts to the authorized party at Women's March Global. You also agree that you will not take any actions that will result in or cause Women's March Global to incur unauthorized expenses, costs, or liabilities in connection with your activities as Ambassador.
  7. Representations and Warranties
    1. You represent and warrant that: (i) you are over the age of 18 and you permanently reside in the Location; and (ii) that the information you provided in your Profile is true and correct. If you move outside the Location, or if any of the information in your Profile becomes incorrect, you agree to inform us promptly and update your Profile.
  8. Termination
    1. Women's March Global reserves the right to terminate your engagement as Ambassador, and/or close the Chapter, for the following reasons, upon notice to you (which may be delivered in writing to the address listed in your Application, to your Women’s March Global email address, or such other contact address or email address as you may provide to Women’s March Global from time to time):
      1. Failure to Comply. You, or the Chapter, fail to comply with these Chapter / Ambassador Terms, or fail to follow any other policies or guidelines of Women's March Global applicable to the Chapter, including but not limited to those referenced in these Chapter / Ambassador Terms.
      2. Misuse of Name. You, or the Chapter, harm, misuse or bring into disrepute the Women's March Global name and/or the Marks or any Women's March Global proprietary material associated with Women's March Global, as determined in the sole discretion of Women's March Global.
      3. Failure to Function. You, or the Chapter, cease to function effectively, in the sole discretion of Women's March Global.
    2. Upon termination, you will have no further rights to act as Chapter Ambassador, and You must discontinue any use of the Women's March Global name and/or Marks and cease referring to yourself as Ambassador. Although Women's March Global is participating in the initial Chapter Ambassador appointment decision, subsequent Chapter Ambassador selections will be made in a way that is inclusive of community governance procedures. However, no one can act as a Chapter Ambassador unless they have first agreed to these Chapter / Ambassador Terms. Unless you transfer such materials to a successor Chapter Ambassador, you must return to Women’s March Global, or destroy, all materials bearing the Marks.
  9. Miscellaneous Provisions
    1. You agree that your role as Chapter Ambassador does not create an employment relationship between you and Women’s March Global.
    3. These Chapter / Ambassador Terms will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.
  10. Acceptance of Terms
    1. By selecting the box beside the text "I agree to the Women's March Global Chapter / Ambassador Agreement" on the application form, you are indicating your acceptance of these Chapter / Ambassador Terms and Your agreement to the other terms and conditions applicable to Chapters as may be found on the Women’s March Global website (the “ Site ”), including the following policies and guidelines. All terms, conditions, policies, and guidelines set forth on the Site are considered integrated into these Chapter / Ambassador Terms. It is Your responsibility to review the Site and these Chapter / Ambassador Terms periodically. Women’s March Global reserve the right to modify this Agreement and the other terms and conditions set forth on the Site from time to time without notice and in their sole discretion at any time by updating the Site (provided that Women’s March Global will not make any modifications that will cause You to be subject to any liabilities to Women’s March Global without your consent), and your continued acting as Chapter Ambassador after any modifications shall constitute Your acceptance of such modifications.
      1. Women's March Global Chapter Rules and Guidelines
      2. Women's March Global Branding and Communications Guidelines
      3. Women's March Global Mission and Unity Principles
    2. All defined terms used but not defined in these Chapter / Ambassador Terms will have the meanings assigned to them on the Site. If there is a conflict between any provision of these Chapter / Ambassador Terms and any provision of the other terms and conditions on the Site, then the provisions of these Chapter / Ambassador Terms shall govern.

Updated [October 17, 2019]