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Women’s March or WM is an international movement which generally aims to advocate human rights, including women’s rights, workers’ rights, gender and sexuality minority rights, and protection of the environment.

Around 673 parades have been held in various cities around the world from around 84 countries on January 21, 2017. One of the countries where the international movement is being implemented is Indonesia. WM 2017 in Indonesia is located in two cities; Jakarta and D.I. Yogyakarta. WM Jakarta was attended by more than 700 participants who specifically demanded gender equality and to end sexual harassment and discrimination against minorities of gender and sexuality. WM Yogyakarta was attended by more than 100 participants who promoted peace and protection of women’s rights.

Inspired by the success of WM 2017 conducted in Indonesia, now more than 10 regions in Indonesia intend to hold this activity in 2018, one of them is Bali. This year, we as the organizing committee for WM Bali 2018, carry the theme “Eradicating Violence Against Women”.



Bali, Indonesia

We want to Take Action on

Combating Rape
Gender Based Violence
Workers’ Rights

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