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What We Stand For

Intersectional feminism is the core of our work.

We recognize that almost all women and those who identify as women suffer from discrimination of some kind. By intersectional feminism, we mean that discrimination and abuse are multi-layered experiences (intersectional) which involve race, sexual choice and identification, religion, nationality, skin color, different abilities, education, and other factors. 


We must use privilege to make room for, to stand by, and to stand up for the disadvantaged groups in our communities.


As part of the Global Women’s March network, Women’s March Frankfurt is commited to the HERS framework and works towards:

Unity in Diversity

By connecting with the various groups that advance women’s causes. Although each organization has a specific work, we are all working towards the same end goal: total economic and social equality for all people who identify as women.

Power in Solidarity

By promoting networking with and among the groups that advance women’s causes to strengthen and support one another and the important work we all do.

Hear our Voice

By protesting, campaigning, and agitating together for transformative social and legal change that reflects the equality that we all should share.



Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Gender Based Violence
Reproductive Rights
Transgender Rights
Voting Rights
Women’s Representation

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