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Violence against women and girls in Jamaica has become a serious problem. Domestic violence is the main culprit and the crimes have taken a barbaric nature. In some cases the men that abuse and/or kill women and girls are not caught and/or punished. Because of the lack of confidence in the criminal justice system, some crimes go unreported.

We consider this a state of public emergency and public health concern.

We want to: 1). Raise social awareness of what is happening to our women and girls. 2). Increase legislative action by government 3). Do Re-socialization of boys/men with girls/women and vice versa. 4). Create a women’s group in communities across Jamaica 5). Encourage government to source battered women initiative, raise age of consent to 18, source prevention and education on gender based-abuse.



Kingston, Jamaica

We want to Take Action on

Combating Rape
Ending Violence
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Women’s Safety

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