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Activism, empowerment & collaboration by, for and with women and their supporters.

Women's March Leeds Chapter is open to everyone. Our aim is to take to the streets of Leeds in January 2020 to show the city and the world the power of women, to campaign for equality, to rise up and speak to power making sure it hears our voice.

We do not want to be a white woman's march, we want to make sure that we are truly reflective of the city in which we live. We do not want to be a women only march, change will only happen if we all make it happen. We do not wish to represent only our own gender, equality is only equality if it applies to everyone. You do not need money to join us. Your skin does not have to be a specific colour. Your religion is not dictated by us. Your background is your business, not ours. Your sexuality is not part of the criteria. Your gender is not a barrier.

People will march for reasons that are very personal to them and we will all have causes that are close to our hearts. From period poverty, reproductive laws, discrimination in the workplace, sexual violence and domestic violence, to the specific issues that prohibit the freedoms and rights of refugees and asylum seekers, the racism that hides within our city's streets and the homophobia that colours the daily lives of our LGBTQIA+ community - we have a lot to be angry to about and ready to stand up and take our fight to the streets!

Throughout 2019 we will host a series of events, workshops, discussions, and debates, building our community from the ground up, ready to rise in January 2020.

We hope to see you there!



Leeds, United Kingdom

We want to Take Action on

Abortion Rights
Access to Sanitation
Accountable Institutions
Civil Rights
Combating Corruption
Combating Rape
Economic Justice
Ending Poverty
Ending Violence
Fair Wages
Female Genital Mutilation
Free Press
Free Speech
Gender Based Violence
Girls’ Rights
Global Institutions
Immigrant Rights
Intersex Rights
Menstruation Rights / Accessibility
Mental Health
Peace and Non violence
Reproductive Rights
Rights for Persons with Disabilities
Transgender Rights
Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation
Women’s Safety
Workers’ Rights

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