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In 2018 Women’s March Sacramento CA State Capitol was honored by Mayor Steinberg, recognizing the 3rd Saturday of January as Women’s Voices Day. On this day of January 2018, 36,000 people of all backgrounds--women, men and gender nonconforming people, young and old, of diverse faiths, differently abled, immigrants and indigenous--came together, 36,000 strong, to march in solidarity, celebrating women’s rights as human rights.

Going forward into 2018, Women’s March Sacramento will redouble our efforts and focus on young people by preparing them with the skills needed to take actions around causes that matter to them with courage, compassion and collaboration.

Women’s March Sacramento recognizes that the rise of Californian women equals the rise of our California–– in 2018 we will champion women running for office, engage and prepare voters for 2018 elections via #PowerToThePolls and magnify our fight for progressive policies that put women, their families and allies first.

The mission of Women’s March Sacramento is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women's March Sacramento is a women-led movement providing intersectional activism on a diverse range of issues specific to California's legislative center, Sacramento and surrounding communities. Women's March Sacramento is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect.



Sacramento, CA, USA

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Women’s Economic Security
Women’s Education
Women's Health
Women’s Representation
Women’s Safety

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