Host an Event

Host an Event

Events are the core of the Women’s March Global Platform, enabling you and your communities to have a voice, take action, and initiate change.

There are now three ways to host an Event on the Women’s March Global Platform:

  1. As Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassador - Chapter-Led Event
  2. As an individual or as a member of an organisation not associated with an existing Women’s March Global Chapter - Member-Led Event.
  3. As a co-branded Event - Co-Branded Event. If your organisation is interested in co-hosting or co-branding an Event, contact us at

You told us it was necessary for all Members of the community to be able to host Events so that Women’s March Global participants, friends, and allies can take initiative and lead action -- and we agree!

We’ve also added “going” and “interested” options to all Events pages. Now, you can see who is coming, encourage others to go, and prepare appropriately for your Event.

Below, you’ll find the information you need to plan and host your Event, from beginning to end.

Start Here

Why Host An Event - How hosting an Event can help your community.
Event Types - What type of Event are you hosting?
Chapter-Led Events - Are you a Chapter Ambassador? Start your Chapter-Led Event here.
Member-Led Events - Are you a Member of the Platform who is not affiliated with a Chapter? Start your Member-Led Event here.

The Details

Before You Begin - Set up the basics, decide on a name, and determine your audience.
Event Guide - Help with the content and promotion of your Event like speakers and graphics.

Wrap Up

Post-Event - Everything you need to do once your Event is over.