Host an Event

Host an Event

NOTE: Only Chapter Admins are able to create events. To create an event, click on your member icon in the top right and click your Chapter's admin panel. From there, you'll see Events in the right column and will be able to create new Events and edit existing Events.

Our Events are the core of the Women’s March Global platform, enabling local communities and individuals to have a voice, take action, and initiate change.

This is the first generation of our Women’s March Global platform. We hope to develop this platform into a more flexible and robust destination, with input from all of you, over time. The current iteration of the platform requires you be part of the Leadership Team of a Women's March Chapter in order to host an Event. If you would like to host a Women’s March Chapter Event in your community either Women's March Chapter or reach out to your local Chapter and join the team!

Here, you’ll find the information you need to plan and host your Event, from beginning to end.

Start Here

Why Host An Event - How hosting an Event can help your community.
Initiating an Event - Make sure your Event is registered and appears on this website.
Event Types - What type of Event are you hosting?

The Details

Before You Begin - Set up the basics, decide on a name, and determine your audience.
Event Guide - Help with the content and promotion of your Event like speakers and graphics.

Wrap Up

Post-Event - Everything you need to do once your Event is over.