Women’s March Global Chapter and Member Events should be planned and run by volunteers and must not be commercially motivated. You may charge a nominal fee to cover costs for these activities. Any profit must go back into your Chapter Events or activities.

While Events are not intended to fundraise for other causes or organisations, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Any exceptions must be approved by Women’s March Global by emailing [email protected].

If an organisation is interested in supporting Women’s March Global on a global level, please connect them to [email protected].


Your sponsors must not drive the agenda or select speakers at any Chapter-Led or Member-Led Events.


To cover costs for Events, you can anticipate the annual cost of operations, create a budget, and raise funds from local sponsors and individuals. All Event fundraising must be conducted as part of a Chapter’s overall fundraising strategy. Any excess money raised at any Event should be applied to future Chapter Events and activities.

For Member-Led Events, all fundraising must be conducted as part of the Member’s strategy to support the Event. Any excess money raised should be applied to your future Women’s March Global Chapter and Member Events and activities.

Best Practices

  • Where possible, find local partners/sponsors, not global companies, to support your Chapter-Led and Member-Led Events or to strengthen your Chapter in your community. If national or global companies approach you or your Chapter for sponsorship, email [email protected].
  • Identify partners or sponsors who will support your Events with in-kind investment or participation.
  • Where possible, sponsor organisations and individuals should pay vendors directly or find a fiscal sponsor to manage the accounting.

Unacceptable Sponsors

Weapons manufacturers, tobacco companies, alcohol companies, and political and religious organisations are not allowed to act as sponsors for your Events or be in association with the Women's March Global brand.