Women's March Global Brand & Communication Guidelines

We have developed helpful guidelines for you and your community. This will help you build your local community brand and maintain clarity in the Women’s March Global ecosystem.

Review the Women’s March Global Brand & Communications Guidelines for more information. Following these guidelines will make our shared brand stronger

Naming Your Event

Always use the full name approved for your Women's March Global Chapter when organising your events. For example, a Huddle organised by the Paris Chapter would be Women's March Paris Huddle.

If you are a Member organising an Event, always use the phrase ‘Women’s March’ along with the Event Type. Never use a (City Name) even if there is no Chapter in your town, city, or school as these are reserved for Chapter Events. If you would like to use a (City Name) and there is no Chapter in your town, city, or school consider starting one!

Title, Tags, & Theme

Selecting a title, theme, tags, and a hashtag is as important as the overall branding. These help link your Event to similar Events held across the globe and makes it part of the larger conversation. They also help the Global Community understand what your attendees or Chapter are convening around.

When your Event is listed on the Global Map and Event Listings, tags, a hashtag, and/or a theme will enable, inspire, and engage other like-minded Chapters to join your action and take it from a local to global movement.

Theme (optional): Selecting the theme groups your Event with others held across the globe for the same reason and creates a larger groundswell. It also helps the Global Community more easily find and attend your Event.

Title: Choose a simple title and indicate it on the Event Application Form. This title should be descriptive, but as short and catchy as you can make it. To create a larger conversation, encourage other like-minded Members or Chapters to create Events with the same title which can amplify your message to the Global Community and its allies.

Tags: When filling out your Event application form you will be prompted to choose tags relevant to your Event’s purpose. You must choose at least one tag, but may choose as many as you like.

Hashtag (optional): A hashtag helps connect your Event to larger conversations happening on social media. You can also invite other Chapters and Members to participate in your Event.

For example, if you are organising a Conference in Paris around science, you would call it Women’s March Paris Conference, and the title could be Science Matters. See more about selecting a theme here.

Brand: Women’s March Paris Conference
Title: Science Matters
Tags: Climate Change, Science
Hashtag: #ScienceMatters