Promote the Event

Promote the Event: Social Media + PR Guidelines


Your Event’s website and social media should be an extension of the existing Women's March Global Chapter web and social media properties. This means your Women's March Global Chapter Events should have a dedicated page on your Women's March Global Chapter website and you should use your existing Chapter social media to promote these Events. Review the Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines for additional information and suggestions on how to make this work.

For Member-Led Events, Members should fill out the Event page that is automatically created for your Event once you fill out and submit the application form. Consider tagging Women’s March Global (Twitter: @WM_Global, Instagram: @womensmarchglobal) in your social media posts and linking to your Event page on the Women’s March Global Platform. Having your Event on the Women’s March Global Platform lets other interested parties know that your Event is an official Women’s March Global Event and helps solve the problem of fake Events that can occur on other platforms like Facebook.

Website Footer

The dedicated page on your Women’s March Chapter website should include this text in the footer: This an independently organised Women’s March (City Name) (Event Type) operated under a license from Women's March Global.


The purpose of your Women's March (Chapter) Event social media is to highlight local and national actions, stories, and best practices in your local community and the extended community. See Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines for more information.

Titles, Tags, and Themes

Is your Event around science, an election, or gender equality? The Global community needs to know! Choosing a short, compelling title helps everyone understand what your Event is about and what you are convening around. It can also help inspire and enable like-minded Chapters to join your Event and take it from a local to global movement.

Select a simple title and include it on your Event Application Form. This is included on your Event page listing on the Women’s March Global website. You can also tag your Event with provided, relevant subject tags so it can be discovered by others in the community.

Often, the Global Community comes together on one day for large Events, such as the Global Anniversary. For these Events we recommend choosing a Theme to let others in the community know you are taking part and how they can participate.

Read more about selecting your titles, tags, or theme.


Pick a hashtag for your Event and encourage other Chapters to continue the conversation by using a hashtag in future Events. By doing this, you can strive to create a global conversation around a specific topic or issues.

Best Practices

Respect other people’s opinions. Avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal content, unwanted solicitations, and anything else that might otherwise violate members of the community. We ask that you stay focused on issues related to women’s rights and each pillar of the H.E.R.S. Framework and avoid self promotion or promotion of companies and initiatives that do not align with Women's March Global's Unity Principles.


All social media properties belong to the Women's March Global Chapter. The Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador should take out all social media properties and give admin access to one or more individuals on the Chapter’s Leadership Team including those doing the social media for Chapter Events.

For Member-Led Events all social media posts belong to the Member who is posting them. When using your personal account to promote your Women’s March Global Event, please be clear that you are not representing Women’s March Global and that all views are your own.

Email Lists

Email lists are the property of the Chapter and should be used to promote or communicate information about Women's March Chapter Events and activities. Organisers of Member-Led Events will be able to contact anyone who has said they are Going or Interested In their Event.

Email lists may not to be used to sell or distribute goods, or promote a personal agenda. Please see Terms of Service or the Complete Rules and Guidelines for more information.


Encourage your Chapter members to join the Women’s March Global Community! All Members sign up and join the shared profile directory and messaging platform to help extend the reach of the Global network.

PR & Media

The Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassador is the spokesperson for their Chapter and may represent and talk about the Chapter and its Events and activities with local press.

For Member-Led Events, please ensure that you make clear that you do not represent Women’s March Global in any way. For further details, please see the Complete Rules and Guidelines.

All news releases require Women's March Global approval. For approval, please email [email protected]. When writing your Chapter’s news release, it must include: What is Women's March Global. Please review the Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines.

Live Stream

Women's March Global Chapters and Members may live stream their Events live to other Women’s March Global Chapters and Members. You may not charge the community to view the live stream. Live streams should not have any advertising in or on them. See Live Stream Guidelines here.