Member-Led Events

Member-Led Events

Community is about coming together! If you would like to host a Women’s March Event in your community, check our Chapters list to see if there already a Chapter in your area. If so, consider reaching out to your local Chapter and join their team! If not, consider starting a Chapter to bring the community together in your town, city, or school.

If you’d like to host a Member-Led Event alongside a Chapter-Led Event we suggest coordinating the promotion and timing of your Events. There is strength in numbers!

If you're part of an organisation that's interested in co-hosting or co-branding an Event with Women's March Global email us at [email protected].

Who can host a Member-Led Event?

Any Member on the Women’s March Global Platform can host an Event. If you are not a Member already, sign up here!

Why Host a Member-Led Event

  • There is no Chapter in your area and you are not interested in starting one. (We hope you will, though!)
  • You want to host an Event as a representative of another organisation (e.g. your local nonprofit, or a branch of a more national or global group).
  • You want to host an Event alongside of or that supports a larger Chapter-Led Event in your area (e.g. a neighbourhood caucus, a viewing party, etc.)
  • You want to host an Event that is smaller in scale than a Chapter-Led Event

How to sign up to host a Member-Led Event:

To host a Member-Led Event, click on your Member profile picture in the top right corner of the site then click on ‘My Events’. Once in My Events there is a button to Create Event in the top right side of the page. Fill out the short application form.

Once you fill out the Event page, your Event will appear on the Global Map on the homepage and on the Global Event Listings page.

PLEASE NOTE: Women’s March Global reserves the right to remove any Event from the Platform that does not adhere to the Women’s March Global Unity Principles and/or the H.E.R.S. Framework. You may visit the Complete Rules and Guidelines for more specific information around Events.