Systems Change Grants

Systems Change Grants

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Billions of women worldwide still do not have access to basic human rights. We are changing that.

We organise. We march. We speak out. We galvanise.

We continue using our voice.

We believe change begins in our own communities: talking to a neighbour, coming together to solve a town or village issue, having tough discussions, or helping someone in need. We see each Women’s March Global Chapter or Member Event as a turning point - an opportunity to advance women’s human rights on a local scale.

Let’s create a million focused points of change.

Systems Change Grants are available by application and can be used to support Events at the local level. Any Women’s March Global Chapter or Member may apply for a Grant.

Systems Change Grants help our Community continue to gather together, build our collective power, and create focused points of change around the world.

Download the Systems Change Grant Application.

Systems Change Success Stories from Our Community

“We had an interactive discussion on Gender equality where we educated invitees on the advantages and the various ways of empowering women. We introduced them to safe platforms of speaking out especially as we are affected by the current violence and conflict [in Cameroon] in our community."
Ngwa Damaris, Women’s March Bamenda

“We chose V-Day because it provides a platform to stand up for women and against gendered violence, in this case through theatre, that can touch people in different ways. Many of the volunteers were victims of or family members of victims of sexual & domestic violence. For them, this was a therapeutic process that I’m sure continues to this day.”
Cecilia Gomez-Engler, Women’s March Barcelona

“The System’s Change Grant enabled us to host a discussion about abuses faced by women in conflict. During the Shutdown demonstrations in Zimbabwe, the army raped women with no accountability. While there are still miles to walk in terms of women's rights, the fact that women activists discussed these issues proves there is still hope.”
Tatenda Natarcia Wachenuka, Women’s March Harare

Support Our Systems Change Grants Program

For just $29 a month you will help one woman in our Community take action on a local level to advance women's rights! Give $99 a month and you can help support one of our Chapters in building community to safeguard women's rights on a grassroots level.

100% of the proceeds of Movement Makers goes towards our Systems Change Grants and supporting our Members and Chapters!

Why should you be a Movement Maker?

  • 100% of your donation goes to supporting our Community.
  • Your donation will advance women's rights on a global level and make a difference directly in local communities.
  • You join a global movement of women and allies using their voices to demand change.
  • You will receive Campaign and Community updates through our newsletter.

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