Start a Chapter

Why Start a Women’s March Global Chapter?

As we witnessed in January 2017, when millions of women across the globe marched for our rights, there is tremendous power in all of us coming together as a global community for good. We need to Mobilise Globally, Organise Locally.

In the spirit of this mission, Women’s March Global is empowering individuals, communities, and organisations to start Chapters, take action, organise Events, mentor, and learn. Chapters are the heart of what we do.

Sign up to start an official Women’s March Chapter to help you take action. Apply now to start your own Chapter in your community.

Your Women’s March Global Chapter is part of your community and part of a global movement. You’ll run your Chapter independently under a free license from Women’s March Global.

If you're interested in co-hosting or co-branding an Event with Women's March Global to raise awareness, email us at [email protected]. We want Women’s March Global to be a truly intersectional Platform, a place where all organisations working to advance human rights can come together.

Start a Chapter

Starting your Chapter is simple.

  1. Apply. Fill out this short form and agree to a few simple guidelines. As Chapter Ambassador, you’ll need to also agree to a minimal level of commitment to get your Chapter up and running.
  2. Name your Chapter. The founding Women's March Global Chapter in any city will hold its city name. Any additional Chapters that form in that city will be named after a neighbourhood or street that embodies their own community. We encourage multiple Chapters in cities, working together for greater impact.

If you are the founding Chapter in your city, we ask that you act as a leader and collaborate with future Chapters. As additional Chapters apply in a city, the founding city Chapter will be consulted throughout the process.

If you are applying for a Women’s March Global Chapter as part of your college, school, or university, you may use the name of your school. For example, Women’s March OxfordU Chapter or Women’s March Stanford Chapter.

Our vision is for multiple Women’s March Global Chapters to form in every city on the planet. While we began with the 198 cities that organised the founding Global Women’s March, we want our network to be open so that other individuals and groups can start a Women's March Global Chapter on their street or in their neighbourhood, town, or campus.

We also encourage like-minded and affiliate groups and sister organisations to join our platform. As a partner, you can either start a Chapter or host an Event. Partners are listed on our map and calendar, and provided with an Events page. We will work to strategically integrate partners into the platform in the most impactful and beneficial way. Read about joining as a partner for more information on how you can participate.