Chapter Ambassador Terms

Chapter Ambassador Terms

The Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassador is an important leadership role in every Chapter. As Chapter Ambassador, you hold the rights to head the Women's March Global Chapter in your local region or city for a two-year term. Each Women's March Chapter Ambassador should agree to all terms in the Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador Engagement Agreement.

At the end of a two-year term as Chapter Ambassador, you’ll need to assist with the transition to new Chapter leadership and Chapter license renewal. Once the two-year term is complete and the new leadership team is in place, the original Chapter Ambassador will assume a Women's March Global (City Name) Senior Ambassador title.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities

As the Women's March Chapter Ambassador you are encouraged to:

  • Assume the title of Chapter Ambassador and all the responsibility that comes with that position.
  • Set up a transparent voting process to elect the Women's March Chapter Leadership Team. See Chapter Governance and Recommended Best Practices and Voting Guidelines.
  • Identify an existing nonprofit or start a nonprofit organisation to run Chapter activity funding through. The nonprofit may not use the Women's March Global or Women's March brand or include the words “Women's March” or any words or acronyms associated with Women's March Global or Women's March.
  • Set up transparent budgeting and finances.
  • Play a leadership role in your Chapter and in your community during your two-year term.
  • Facilitate all Women's March Global Chapter activities and Events.
  • Foster a spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration within your sister Women’s March Global Chapters in your city.
  • Foster a spirit of collaboration with Chapters nationally and globally.
  • Foster a spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration with like-minded organisations, and encourage them to join our community platform.
  • Consider adopting or mentoring a sister Chapter.
  • Manage the list of community members.
  • Help initiate, support, and promote Women's March Global activities, women's events and global actions, etc., in your city, country, and region.
  • Work with the Chapter Leadership Team to set up and manage the Chapter website, Medium stories, newsletter, and social media properties for your community.
  • Work with the Chapter Leadership Team to track and highlight through social media and the Women's March Global Medium Channel stories from your Chapter and country. It is your responsibility as the head of your community to ensure that your Chapter stays aware and connected to issues related to women’s rights and each of the H.E.R.S. principles, capturing the stories of local actions and projects in the greater community, region, and country. Posting to the Women’s March Global Medium Publication and developing a content strategy is an integral part of creating an interconnected grassroots network of ideas whose reach expands across the globe.
  • Reach out to other Chapters to encourage them to take out Event applications for key issues that your Chapter is acting on and want to create a local, regional, or global groundswell around. Agree on a shared date, theme, and hashtag for these actions. The more Chapters that join you in your Event (whether it’s an Action, Conference, Huddle, March, Salon, or Vigil), the greater the success.
  • Join the Women’s March Global Wiki to share resources.
  • Join regular regional Chapter Ambassador calls - email [email protected] for more information.

Chapter License Renewal

After the initial start period each September or October of every even numbered year, a new Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador will be elected from within the membership of the Chapter. The next election cycle, after the initial launch will be September - October 2020. By January 2021 the new Chapter leadership should be in place and the renewal form submitted.


Women's March Global will leave it up to you and your Chapter to create practices that work best for your region and country. Please keep in mind that the process, structure, and governance of your Chapter should be open, transparent, and democratic. The goal is to keep your community as flat, inclusive, and dynamic as possible. See Women's March Global suggestions for setting up your Chapter’s governance here and suggested leadership roles and responsibilities here.