Your Chapter is part of your local community, but it’s also a part of the Global community. Branding helps build your Chapter’s brand and provide clarity in the Global network. Review the Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines to get started.

We’ve developed these Guidelines to help you and your community. Following these Guidelines will make our shared brand stronger: locally, regionally, and globally.


Your Women’s March Global Chapter logo is used to brand and market your Chapter. Your individual Chapter logo will contain the Women’s March Global mark, the Women’s March Global name and your specific Chapter name.

Make sure you are using your own approved Women’s March Global Chapter logo to brand your Chapter and Events. It should also be used for your Chapter’s social media accounts and included on all outbound communications, PR, and marketing. You may not use the Women's March Global or the Women's March logo as a stand alone logo.

Chapter Name

You should use your approved Women’s March Global Chapter name, and not just Women’s March or Women's March Global. The name of your Chapter needs to be written as Women’s March (City Name), with a space between Women’s March and your City Name.