Sponsors + Funding

Sponsors + Funding


Your Chapter should support and build a vibrant global community, not be commercially motivated. Your Chapter is a volunteer-led and staffed program. We recommend that your Chapter does not charge membership fees, unless the laws in your country require this.


Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassadors decide exactly how they want to manage their money, since rules and practices vary by country and region. Please note that your Chapter and its Events cannot make money. While you can raise money to offset operational costs, all excess funds raised should go back to support future Events. Make sure you find out what policies exist for money management in your region.

Chapters may anticipate the annual cost of operations, create a budget, and raise funds from local sponsors and individuals to cover costs.


The Chapter Ambassador and Leadership Team should collaborate and communicate fundraising plans with any other Women’s March Global Chapters in their city. Chapter Ambassadors and Leadership Teams in each city should work on a joint strategy to approach partners and sponsors.


Your sponsors may not drive the agenda of your Chapter, its activities, or its content.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Best Practices

Use these best practices as a guide when fundraising and seeking sponsorship:

  • Where possible, find local partners/sponsors, not global companies, to support your Chapter activities. If a global sponsor is willing to sponsor your Chapter or Event, please email [email protected].
  • Identify partners and sponsors who will support your Chapter with in-kind investment or participation.
  • Collaborate on your fundraising and grant writing efforts with other Chapters in city, region, and country. You may be a lot more successful as a united front. If you need support in writing grants, email us a [email protected]
  • All sponsors should be in line with the Global Unity Principles, and should not expect promotion of their social, political, or business interests in exchange for their support. Funding allocated within grant structures whereupon specific requirements exist is allowed but must be approved by Women's March Global. Please email [email protected].
  • Should sponsors or partners undertake actions that are in any way connected to your Women’s March Global Chapter, you must ensure they are in keeping with the vision and mission of Women’s March Global and your local Chapter. Such actions may be cross-promoted. In all cases, the sponsorship agreement must be disclosed transparently to the community in advance.
  • Add partner/sponsor resources and presentations to the shared Women’s March Global Wiki.
  • If possible, sponsors and individuals should pay vendors directly or find a fiscal sponsor to manage the accounting.
  • If needed, you may identify an existing nonprofit or start a nonprofit organization to run Chapter funding through. The nonprofit may not use the Women's March Global or Women's March brand or include the words “Women's March” in any way, or use acronyms associated with Women's March or Women's March Global.

Unacceptable Sponsors

Weapon manufacturers, tobacco companies, alcohol companies, politicians, companies that violate World Health Organisation codes of marketing, PAC-type organisations, and or religious organisations are not allowed to act as sponsors for Women's March Global Chapter Events or in association with the Women's March Global brand. All sponsors should be in line with the Global Unity Principles.