Chapter Website

Chapter Website

Your Chapter will have its own page on the Women’s March Global site. You may also choose to operate a dedicated website for your Chapter in your local language and English. You can choose:

  1. A sub-site hosted with Women’s March Global
  2. An independently operated and hosted site

We strongly recommend that your Chapter leverage the sub-site hosted by Women’s March Global. With this option, you’ll benefit from Women’s March Global’s technical resources, security, performance, and managed hosting service. Outline details of both options are shown below with full details available in the Wiki.

If you choose to create a standalone web page for your Chapter, please review the guidelines below.

You can also use our WordPress template to help set up your site. Please check in the Women’s March Global Wiki for the template and additional resources.


Once your Chapter license is approved, Women’s March Global will purchase the URL/domain for your Chapter’s website. This will be given to your Chapter leadership team for use by your Chapter for as long as your Chapter has a valid Women's March Global Engagement Agreement.

Website - Hosted with Women’s March Global

Hosting your Chapter’s website with Women’s March Global makes setup simple. We’ve shared a few details about using Women’s March Global’s website service:

  • Full details of the hosted web service should be published and maintained in the Wiki.
  • Site Url:
    • Your site URL will be<ChapterName>
      where <ChapterName> is the approved Chapter name issued at registration.
    • In addition, if you are issued a dedicated URL (i.e., then this vanity URL will be forwarded to your hosted site.
  • A pre-formatted, partially populated WordPress website will be uploaded and ready to use, including the following features:
    • Your Chapter logo and name
    • A templated website with all of the necessary pages and content
    • Multi-language capability with all standard content populated in English
    • A simple page builder theme based on Elegant Themes’ DIVI theme and page builder with a dedicated Child Theme created by Women’s March Global
    • Secure, high performance web hosting
    • SSL Certificate for security
    • Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console
    • A contact form forwarded to your Chapter’s primary email address
    • A media library pre-populated with graphics and photography
    • Easy to use feature for efficient publication of Chapter specific content
    • See the Women’s March Global Wiki for the latest information

Website - Self-Hosted

You can also choose to host your Women's March Global Chapter website on an external service. It should include the following:

  • Your approved Chapter name and logo
  • A link back to the Women's March Global home page
  • A link to language options
  • A clear link to the section of the site that describes what Women's March Global is
  • This explanation of your Women’s March Chapter: What is Women's March (City Name)?: Women's March (City Name) is a local Chapter and community organization of Women's March Global. Women’s March Global Chapters are independent and operate under an independent license from Women’s March Global.
  • A footer with the following language: This Women’s March (City Name) Chapter is operated as an independent entity under license from Women's March Global and Women’s March.
  • A promotional area for Women's March Global programs, local affiliate and partners organizations, regional activities, and national activities
  • About page: In addition to general info about your Chapter, your site is required to include the following in a dedicated About section:

What is Women's March Global: Women’s March Global empowers communities, organizations and individuals to start Chapters, take action, organize events, mentor, and learn. Women's March Global Chapters are run independently, under a free license from Women's March Global. Women's March Global is the global sister organization of Women’s March.

What is Women's March: Women’s March is a US-based women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists and organizers to engage in their local communities through training, outreach programs and events.

What is Women's March (City Name) Chapter: Women's March (City Name) is a local Chapter and community organization of Women's March Global. Women’s March Chapters operate under an independent license from Women’s March Global.

  • Sponsors: Create a dedicated page on your Chapter’s website to list your sponsors, partners, and supporters. Make sure to link to this page from your Chapter’s global navigation. Your sponsor logos may not appear on the homepage of your Chapter website. Your partners and sponsors may not promote their agenda at Women’s March Global events or on the Women’s March Global platform.
  • Additional website guidelines: See Women's March Global Brand & Communication Guidelines.